Educational TV

“Kids just don’t know how to work,” I hear my friends complain. They have no desire to learn nor do many of them have the desire to do much of anything beyond staring at some kind of screen, complain the teachers.
The first teacher professional book I ever read was The Disappearance of Childhood by

Olympic Obsession

I love the Olympics. Particularly the summer games. I hear that music and it is like a trumpet call to make popcorn, sit down and go “WOW.” The training. The years. The hours. The sports I never heard of. A handful of contenders in their forties! One might think it would be

Five Hours

Three days in Albany at a Writing Conference for teachers — a wonderful opportunity to share ideas for ten whole hours with third and fourth grade teachers. A luxury of time. Enjoyed every minute. Even arriving at the airport early was a welcome event — new book by Anna Quindlen, Rise and

What happened to July?

Kelly snapped this picture of Sara Kelly this week and it perfectly captures my image of July 2008 — peeking out. I can’t believe it has been a month since I’ve posted a blog. The month went to biking, triathalons (Michael competes, I stand on the sidelines and say “go michael”), beach walks, Walloon

Death of a Loved One: Day 46

“Keep the machine running.” This is a quote given to me from Michael and to him from a veteran machinist. When Michael asked the older man (back in his machine shop days) what the secret was to his reputation for high production, he advised, “just keep the machine running.”

This has

Granny Camp: A Retrospective

Fill your hatwith waterdump it on your head,watch the sunsetfall in bed.Kick the horseto make it go,hike and sing,explore and showoff your painted shirt,and decorate one of Sophie’s gourds, eat mac and cheese,gather tadpoles,rocksgeez110 degreesis really hot! How ’bout a swim?Do your ears hang low?Can you see Saturn?How far are we from Mexico?


What I want to do is blog about what a fab time I had at Granny Camp and visit with the Ohio Writing Project at Miami U (very cool), but first a bit of Grumpy business. I have been on hold with my email server for a total of 80 minutes today — after

Live: from Granny Camp

So far we have visited the Desert Museum and the Colossal Cave. We’ve gone horseback riding and written in our journals. We’ve sung camp songs and given ourselves desert names (Ben’s is coyote, mine is fish hook). Why fish hook? That’s a kind of cactus and it seemed appropriate since we all got stuck trying

The Sparrow has Landed

Ben arrives for Granny Camp. Next stop, Tucson.We’d like to thank our sponsors: Kid provided by Kelly & Brian WeistTransportation provided by Continental airlines.Good weather provided by Mother Nature.Headline and photos provided by Salinger.