Letter to the IRS

Seems like the right week for a reprise of this little ditty (as I once again file an extension).

Letter to the IRS

Every year I promise myself and the government that I
will not file an extension.

That I will be a good citizen and get

From the Park Bench Book Release


“Sara, how you doing?”

A complex question. I was sitting in a nice
house with no job, two kids, and I’d just received the bad news that my former
husband was also unemployed so there would be no more health insurance or child
support coming.

Bridging into Fall

I just sent a finished (I think) manuscript off to my editor, I accomplished my first 30 mile bike ride, and had our first school visit of the year at Chardon Middle School, right in our back yard. The leaves are feeling crackly, the temperature is dropping and evening is crowding the

A Valentine’s Day Story

Okay, his name was not Jim, but other than that, the following poem is a true story.  Hard to imagine any boy wouldn’t have gone for those bangs and too young for braces buck teeth. I wore extra petticoats because I wanted hips like Annette Funicello,

Backwards Day All Year Long

Dan Ferri

Some poems visit you at sunset. Some haunt you in the wee hours with Jabberwocky logic because, let’s face it, anything seems logical at 3AM.  There are poems you reach for when a friend dies, when a

Taking it to the Next Level

A wise philosopher (Cher?) once said that “everyday’s a new audition.”  That’s a lot of pressure!

And no time is that more evident than January 1, when we resolve something or other starting with the new year. 

In the writing and the reading, poetry gives me pause. To

From the Park Bench (it’s coming!)

we reject the single story, when we realize that there is never a single story about
any place, we regain a kind of paradise.”
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

OMG, it’s coming.

The publisher (Red Giant Press) said the hard copy proof is in the

Why Do You Write Sad Poems?

Why do you write sad poems?
Defensive answer: I don’t ONLY write sad poems. Did you see the one about how happiness comes hopping? Or the one about saying gross things at the dinner table? Funny stuff.  Seriously funny. Not sad. Not sad at all.
Self-conscious answer: Oh, no. That didn’t make

Pasir Ridge International School: “Eyes twinkling in sunshine”

What’s weird, conducts electricity, and is a good citizen?

The poets of Pasir Ridge International School in Balikpapan,
Indonesia, of course!

Balikpapan is a strange sounding place populated by friendly and familiar faces.  Who could forget a mascot such as the one above? I

Surabaya International School

An umbrella, hats, a bug zapper and plenty of warm smiles –
what else does a poet need in Indonesia? 
Our (too short) visit to Surabaya International School was a blast. What a welcome!  They gave us all that we needed to feel