Love and Joy

It happened again. This time a young woman. College aged. She came up to me after our recent poetry reading at Bowling Green University Firelands campus.
“Do you believe?”“Believe?”“Religion. You know, Jesus. Are a believer?”“I believe in poetry.”“That’s it?”“That’s it.”
It’s true. I’m not particularly a prayerful person in the Matthew, Mark, Luke and

The Monkey Mind

The next move, Lisa suggests, will help to quiet the monkey mind.
My monkey mind immediately scratches behind my ear, looking for possible escape routes. Orlando? Technology? McCarthy era? A power point show of flashing images Hanoi, Hong Kong, Bali, the garden. Make a note of Pickway, OH. The carpet in

United Nations International School of Hanoi: Poetry Week

When librarian Joyce Miller contacted us about dishing up some poetry at the middle school in Hanoi for April Fool’s Day she was not just foolin’ around. She not only scheduled assemblies and a seamless week of workshops for both of us, she managed to convince French, Spanish and (gasp) calculus classes to try

Hanoi! On the move

How does the tourist cross the road? Or. Would you step into this traffic?

Hanoi!Developing.On the move.New friends.The Dragon Hotel is our home.Motorbike shops.Up with construction.Beep. Beep. Beep.Motorbikes.Open intersections of always, all ways traffic.Cross?Here?Now?Don’t stop. Don’t run. Don’t hesitate.Cross.Buses.Taxis.Zipper Street.Bucket Street.Mosaic Wall.Steaming pots of pho.Conical hats.A

EARCOS 2011 Borneo

If the above photo doesn’t look like an attendee at a teacher’s conference, prepare to expand your vision. EARCOS= East Asian Regional Council of Overseas Schools, and every spring they put on a teacher conference like no other. From snorkeling to blow darts to technological looks into the classrooms of today and the

Under the Land Down Under

All the commotion, (laundry, packing, emails, phone calls, house sitters, doggie day care and a last minute trip to buy travel sized toothpaste that won’t pose a threat to national security) settles into a darkened drone for 15 hours over the Pacific and opens into the brilliant sun of Sydney, Australia. Landing at


How many ways can you conjugate green? This is a view from our porch at Alam Sari Keliki. What I can’t show is the soft sounds of wooden cow bells, the bird songs and the rooster who thinks that it is dawn at least once on the hour. Of course there is

Hong Kong

The thing about us Americans is that we just plain need to get out more. Seriously.
While we are in Hong Kong riding spotless subways, double-decker buses, viewing the latest in technological gadgetry and neon, some bonehead in congress is introducing legislation to force teachers into teaching creationism. Where did

Canadian International School of Hong Kong

To paraphrase that NPR philosopher Garrison Keillor: The Canadian International School of Hong Kong is a place where the faculty is bright, the facilities are ultra-modern, and all the poets are above average.
Every new school is an unknown destination – whether it is across town or on the other side

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