IRC Springfield, IL

I walk for exercise, each mile a bargaining chip to be traded impulsively for french fries and ice cream. No exertion stays in escrow very long. This morning I walked out from the hotel onto Monroe Street and fixed my stride on the dome of the Capitol building several blocks away. I would circle and return to the hotel tower, from one archetectural peak to another, slim chance of getting lost and fat chance of getting slim. Story of my life. The sun bright and warm, I walked 5 blocks or so and crossed a railroad track. The thing about an unfamiliar town is, you really don’t know which is the right or wrong side of the tracks. On one side was the Hilton which aside from Paris, comes with pretty respectable references. But on the other side, the locker room for governmental all-stars. Marble columns, granite, tall windows and a statue on every side. Lincoln and Douglas are still there, in case you were wondering, pedestaled in permanent stony debate. I wonder if they know (or knew) if they landed for perpetuity on the right or wrong side of the tracks?

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Your presentation at the IRC was awesome! I purchased a lot of your books today and brought them home for my first grader to read. She read and read and read and laughed. As you were signing my books today, I told you how much I liked the poem you wrote for a funeral. I lost my sister this summer so it really hit home. I was telling my mom about your poem and would love a copy. Is there a place I can find a copy of that poem? The one thing everyone remembers most about my sister is her radiant smile…just like the woman you wrote about. Thank you!

  2. Jennifer,

    I am back in Cleveland, where it is insanely cold. IRC was definitely a warm spot in the week. That makes me smile to think about you sharing our family poems with your daughter. Write to me back channel at and send me your snail mail address and I’ll make sure you get a copy of the book that poem is in…Chicks Up Front.
    smiles to you, sara.

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