Flight delays, changed planes, lost luggage and a missing hotel reservation have all been made bearable by the cheery people here. Not much to report, except we are excited and must hit the weekend market to shop for baby suits and knickers. (see earlier post for translation).
How’s that for an excuse to shop
More later,

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  1. KellyWeist says:

    We need more details. What happened with the travel delays? As far as here in the states, Katie, Scotty and Stephie arrived here in “Ginia” to spend their Spring Break with us and it hasn’t stopped raining since they drove in the driveway. Katie is going to help me get ready for this to-be-named-at-a-later-date baby. And between the hitting and biting and fighting the beach this summer with the two little toddlers Scotty and Danny, will be a blast! ๐Ÿ™‚

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