coming home on a jet plane

Coming home on a jet plane can be a lot more complicated than leaving on one. It is 3AM, I am back in OH and rather enthusiasitically jet lagged — as opposed to exhaustedly jet lagged which I will be at 3PM later this afternoon if I don’t get back to sleep.

I arrived home on Sunday, went to Stephie’s birthday party. Stephie is my daughter Katie’s daughter and she is four and very into Hello Kitty, her new sandbox, her new bike and the color pink. I spent a glorious day at home with my family and left at 5AM on Monday for a school in Marysville, OH.

My visit to Navin Elementary COULD have been disasterous — I was pretty tired. But as usual, the kids saved the day. We threw poetry back and forth and all around the room. The librarian, Denise, kept me on track and really helped make the day a success. Thanks to Denise and to every kid who looked up and smiled when they heard the word “poetry.” I needed that.

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