Hilliard Heritage Middle School

Poetic Karaoke?

Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Here’s the plan: Kids had to find a song and print out the lyrics so that they could develop a good understanding of the rhythm of the language. Kids then wrote a poem to the rhythm of the song and created a power point presentation with their poetic lyrics. Then, with some help from Tech Man, they sang their lyrics to the recorded music, their pictures being projected up on a big screen along with the power point shows. Here are two: My sweet little brother to the tune of Sweet Home Alabama and I love the Three Stooges to Hakuna Matata from Lion King, performed with Adam Sandler humor. This was the lunchtime entertainment at Heritage, what a show!

Big assemblies at Heritage — I’m not sure how big, but BIG. Seventh and eighth grades. Lucky for all of us the kids were so well prepared. Thank you, thank you.

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