Hilliard Weaver Middle School

Am I seeing spots?
Whoa. Am I seeing spots!

The stage at Weaver Middle was banked by hula hoop sized yellow and black spots, the teacher’s lunchroom, more yellow and black — even the teachers were dressed in yellow and black. Now, where do you think they got an idea like that?????

Beyond the spots, up and down the halls were displays of student poetry. Even the foreign language department got in on the fun with students writing in their second languages. Once again I have to express deep gratitude to a teaching staff who worked overtime to integrate my visit into the curriculum. The librarian, Sue Weaver, not only did a great job with the kids and getting the staff pumped up, she wrote a fine poem for my introduction. But I wasn’t the only one who thought she worked over and above the call, her principal was so impressed with her work he WROTE A POEM to thank her. Did you hear that? The principal wrote a poem, brought it into the writing workshop to present it to her and read it aloud. 15 years on the road, hundreds of schools and this was definitely a first.

I left Hilliard after school for the long drive to Purcellville, ‘Ginia to meet the new baby. Pictures to follow. Not sorry to be missing the snow (snow?) in Ohio.

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  1. Expat Nomad says:

    Are you serious? Snow in Ohio? I’ll need to be writing my folks (live in Akron) and get the scoop on that. Betcha they are good and pissed about that weather gremlin.

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