McCord Junior High, Sylvania, OH

This was fun — They broadcast my assembly presentation from McCord Junior High to two other middle schools, using all kinds of technology. In the old days, they would have bussed the other schools in, but instead they saw me on a screen. The pluses were that I could see (or be seen) by more kids. The down side was that not only did I not get to shake any hands there, I didn’t feel as closely connected to the kids in the assembly at McCord. I think we are so accustomed to watching people on a screen, that more kids were watching my projected image than looking at me. And I wound up playing to a camera rather than to the live audience. I know this is the wave of the future, I’m not sure.

One thing I am sure of is that I don’t want to remember McCord for their technology (which was state of the art). I was blown away by the poems the kids were writing, the ones that were posted about the building and the ones the 6th graders wrote in the two days I was there. Many thanks to Judy Bashforth for all her hard work and to the other teachers for preparing the kids so well.

The picture I’m posting is of two math Tanka poems from the hallway display. All of them were great, this just happened to be the photo that turned out the clearest.

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  1. sarah hildebrandt says:

    hi i was one of the students at mccord jr was an enormous amount of fun when sara holbrook came to our school. the first day all the 6th graders went tho the gym for the assembly.we were connected to a system that let us see the other students from timberstone and arborhills. sara was so funny calling the other jr. highs timberschool and arborschool.the day after that my class and i got to go do a writers workshop with her. she showed us how she whrites her poems.we lots of fun with her!!
    from,sarah hildebrandt

  2. Thanks for writing! I had a great time too. That was a new experience for me with the camera and the split screen thing. Have a great thanksgiving.

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