just thinking

I thought about exercising today, but I didn’t get rolling. I thought I woke up with a head cold, but it never really took control. I thought about reading Don Quixote, but I didn’t get to it. I thought about cleaning the kitchen, but — same story. Maybe I just needed a day to think. Or maybe the cold was in my vessels if not in my nose, turning my blood to sludge so that I couldn’t move.

Tomorrow all five grandbabies will be here AND a new dog arrives. He is a charity case from Michael’s sister’s vet clinic. Some evildoer set his ears on fire. He is healed though somewhat fringy in the ear department and looking for a good home. Hector, our rat terrier mix, a stray I picked up at Home Depot (where else does a smart, homeless dog go to find a home?) has been missing his Boston Terrier buddy Mike since about this time last year. We have not met the new dog and are hoping for a happy, smooth transition, which hardly seems likely with 5 kids under the age of 6 in the house. Whew.

If today was a day for thinking, tomorrow looks to be a day of chaos. My Uncle Bill told me we should always rest when the battle is far away, so we have the strength to face whatever is coming. Something triggered a slow down in me today.

Now, I’m thinking maybe that was a good thing.

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