holes in my blog

The problem with letting a blog go into a holding pattern for a while is that life doesn’t have a hold button and so many astonishing things happen, it’s hard to know where to start to catch up.

Summer has been incredible. Vacation to Oak Island, NC with the whole family, I mean the entire lot. Pictured here is my partner Michael, his two sons, Max and Frank, Max’s girlfriend Adelle, my daughters Katie,husband Doug, kids Stephie and Scotty, Kelly and Brian, Ben, Danny, Thomas and my ex-husband Tom, his wife Ro and her daughter Darcy, husband Doug and son Nick. Is it any wonder that Tom had T shirts made for us all that said “We put the fun back in dysfunctional?” Katie and Doug wore their T shirts to the market one day and people kept stopping them to say, “my family needs those shirts.”

I have had a few weeks at home and am enjoying it so much that last week the telephone was on the fritz and I didn’t even call the repairman. Michael was out of town for almost a week and I went into full recluse mode. Ahhhhh.

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