Word needed

If an anti-semite is one who hates, disrespects, discriminates against Jews, what’s the word for one who hates Muslims? We need a word for that, a shaming, Mel Gibson condemning, horrifying word.

As Michael and I were traveling from Austin to Tucson, we had an ugly encounter with a Continental ticket agent named Russ (we think) in Austin. We were chuckling with him about the new security procedures when he said, “You know what everyone is saying, this could all be eliminated if we did one thing.”

I’m thinking, what — give grandmothers and poets a free pass? We both asked him “what” at the same time.

“Eliminate a religion,” was his shocking reply. He was smug. Efficient. Snapping staplers and drawing out adhesive luggage strips.

Michael and I looked at each other, knowing that this bigot stood between us and our destination. I opted to not say anything to him, but go over his head and write to Continental (which I’m doing next with a link to this post.) I hope they find a way to eliminate his job. Not him, just him in that position of authority.

We need to find a way to live in this world without the need to eliminate anyone. What’s word for that? I think it is Peace.

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