Home is where the washing machine is

Outgoing suitcases are a study in organization. Socks in this pocket, folded jeans, t shirt rolls framed by shoes turned business side out. Incoming suitcases on the other hand look as if they have been gathered from trees, bushel basket dumped then stir fried. Unappetizing at best — and after a day of serving as an open-mouthed cat bed, they wander sheepishly, piecemeal into the laundry room trailing loose hair. And even though I know the answer, I just want to hiss through a curled lip, “where have you BEEN?”

Still, I’m okay with that. It’s what is at the bottom of the suitcase that drives me nuts. The receipts that need to be sorted, wrappers, loose brochures and business cards, ubiquitous lotions and pens that all need to find homes. Even if that home is the trash, it all seems too tedious to sort through.

Called Continental to complain about the bigot in Austin. They were polite, told me he needed more training, knew exactly who had checked us in at exactly what time (a little spooky) and gave me a case number. 2967727.

Today we did banking and grocery errands on bikes — no check-in needed. Sure is nice to be home.

3 responses to “Home is where the washing machine is”

  1. Kelly W. says:

    I’m glad you’re home too. I hate it when you’re out of the country and I can’t call you five times a day. Can’t wait to see you this weekend!

  2. Kellen says:

    wow! i can’t believe it’s you! you are an amazing poet/author!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are an awesome inspiration to me!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kellen,

    Thanks darlin’. You are an inspiration to me.

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