Rucker Middle School Lancaster, SC

Ever go looking for one image and find another? I’ve had that happen countless times with poetry — I start out writing about one subject and it twists and turns and backflips into something totally different. Photography is supposed to be more straight forward. Point and shoot. Right?

Not when there’s a joker in the front row who sneaks his peace sign in front of the delicate heart necklace which was what I thought I was pointing and shooting at. And when I came home and found the necklace missing behind the hand, I said, “shoot!”

But then I got to playing with the photo and though this image isn’t what I thought I wanted, it turned out pretty cool. So a grudging (okay, happy) thank you to the joker in the front row at Rucker.

And thanks to the Leigh and the rest of the library staff for the wonderful day. And I made another new acquaintance — the inn and innkeeper at the Kilburnie Inn at Craig Farm (see link). A splendid, restful restored inn. Southern hospitality at its very best.

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  1. Eva says:

    You said: “the Kilburnie Inn at Craig Farm (see link). “. I miss the link – please add it!

  2. Hi Eva!

    How is the weather in Sweden? It is still quite chilly here, but the birds are back, which is a good sign. Just pass your cursor over the heading for the post and click on it, the link will take you to the B&B homepage.

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