Packing the suitcases, weighing out what’s most important, repacking. Taking Starbucks to the teachers in Almaty and books and more books. More books. Can I get by with two pairs of shoes? The official list posted on the fridge. We notice Max put his name there, as if we would go to Capital University, scoop him up and put him in a suitcase. I have set aside Three Cups of Tea to read on the plane. But what’s really bugging me is that I don’t have a knitting project secured yet. Not so much for the plane, but for the inevitable airport waits, knitting keeps me evened out. The back and forth predictability is soothing, like a mantra. Traveling means new experiences, new people, new ideas. Knitting is a way to internalize it all, to customize the real, the imagined, and the unanswered to fit in my memory. To relive and remember.

I just finished a sweater that I made from wool scored in Italy last December when we went to visit the Smiths in Croatia. I had to start three different projects to finally find one that I actually had enough yarn to finish. The sweater pictured above was finished with less than 3 yards of wool left over. The crime is, the sweater is too bulky to pack to go to chilly Kazakhstan because of all the (did I mention?) books!

So, yesterday dragged Stephie and Scottie (who were very very patient, all things considered) to two yarn stores to find wool for a sweater for Michael. But unfortunately it is late in the season and the specific yarn needed for the pattern he chose is all sold out. I considered trying to board the plane without yarn, but that prospect gave me chest pains. Obviously, I need my mantra to attempt a transcontinental flight. So, today I am off to the yarn store again to buy enough for a floppy cowl neck for me. The pattern I found is perfect, nothing tricky, straight knitting I can almost do in my sleep. Now all I have to do is fit the yarn in the with, oh yeah, BOOKS.

4 responses to “Packing”

  1. Steve Philp says:

    Are knitting needles allowed on the plane?

  2. Amazingly enough, they do. And they have since all the tightening of security began. No nail clippers and your lip gloss has to be in a plastic bag, but needles are okay. I use the bamboo circle ones, not metal, but still, it’s kind of surprising.

  3. Steve Philp says:

    Totally surprising!

    I ended up donating a can of spray deodorant to the fight against “evildoers” earlier this week.

  4. Cloudscome says:

    I am following your blog on your trip. I love that you are worried about getting enough wool/knitting AND books into your suitcases. I’m the same way. That’s a lovely sweater. Too bad it wouldn’t fit in the bags!

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