Thank you

So many notes and calls — meat platters, fruit baskets, plants, flowers and a tree. We can’t thank everyone enough for all your caring thoughts and feeling hearts. We remain off balance, a bright star missing from the mobile of family.

So much support from community — our wide community of teachers, students, friends, neighbors, writers, children, elders, businesses — an overwhelming tidal wave of love to help buoy our family. The pain is too great to carry alone. Grateful thanks to all who have contacted us to ask if they could help shoulder a piece.

Yesterday along with all the tears were also smiles. Stephie was a happy girl, loved and loving. Please visit my daughter Kelly’s blog and fliker site for more images.

Jane Yolen wrote this reminder to me: “We are so accustomed to believing in forever, we forget to celebrate the now moments. Borrowing from tomorrow.” Yesterday we celebrated the now along with grieving for the lost tomorrows. Life is fickle, you just can’t trust it.

But I have been reminded of what we can trust, and that is the love of family and community. Thank you. Thank you.

3 responses to “Thank you”

  1. Steph will always be in my heart.

  2. From a passing stranger who has been moved so deeply by your family and the loss of such a beautiful little girl….sending more love and prayers to keep you going…..(I “know” Kelly from rbloggers on Flickr)….Susan

  3. Debbie Cartwright says:

    Sara and family,
    I send you prayers and love. I hear about your loss from my son Chris yesterday.
    Words cannot express how much I wish we lived closer so I could give each of you hugs and words of comfort.
    Debbie Cartwright

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