What I want to do is blog about what a fab time I had at Granny Camp and visit with the Ohio Writing Project at Miami U (very cool), but first a bit of Grumpy business. I have been on hold with my email server for a total of 80 minutes today — after the first 25, no you need to talk to the business server, no your email box is too small, we’ll make it bigger, no you’ll have to call back, no you need to talk to us when you are in front of your home computer, no, you need to talk to . . . oh, you get the picture.

Bottom line, all email I received or Kelly received at Kelly@saraholbrook.com, between Sunday June 22 and Thursday, June 26 has been lost in cyberspace and I am not happy about it. The server changed servers, or some such thing, and poof. All my email that was hung up out there has gone away.

Please, if you sent me an email and you read this, please resend.

What a pain!

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  1. Sparroweye says:

    Next time, ask for a supervisor immediately. I worked in a call center for MSN. The only ones who know what they are doing are the second level help desk. So, the emails were not still out on the web on the old server? That is pretty negligent. Hard to run a business that way.

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