Scotty’s Egypt

In Scotty’s Egypt, there is a fire station, a hotel, a factory where people work, a garage and a sea food restaurant.

The hotel has a pool and a diving board (with ladder) and the town has a lake with a dock to stand on to fish and seaweed, because that is where the fish hide. It has a soccer field, roads that curve, on bridge and two trees.

Of course it has pyramids made from beach blocks found on the beach of Lake Erie. But the cool part is the mountains you can see in the distance. That’s Arizona. Two smoke stacks made from old bottle necks, buildings of odd legos and roades made from construction paper. The factory is a happy dancing place with a parking lot and a sign that says work, work. Somehow, since Ws are Ms in Scotty’s Egypt, this doesn’t sound as bossy as one might think.

Considering all Scotty got from Egypt is a T shirt, I think his five-year-old vision is pretty comprehensive.

5 responses to “Scotty’s Egypt”

  1. karen H says:

    Scottie’s egypt is a happy place. I like Tigger dancing on the factory roof!

  2. Being a teacher – even I don’t see that kind of imagination much anymore – it’s heartwarming. Looks like a genius in the making!

  3. Doug says:

    He’s an amazing little boy! I’m so very proud of my best buddy!

  4. Christine says:

    How wonderful to have just seen Cairo through your eyes…and then through Scotty’s!
    Thank you.
    Much love, and it was great to see you tonight!

  5. Hi Sara,

    My mom, Deb Steytler, thought I should introduce myself, so here I am.

    Jess Steytler

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