Happy New You! 2009

Out of the mouths of babes. Sara Kelly has the typical repertoire of songs for a two year old: Twinkle Twinkle, a dozen Wiggles tunes, the Pick Up song (sort of spooky, sing two notes of it and she starts to pick up toys robotically) and Happy Birthday. Kelly took this video and our best guess is that SK blended the phrase Happy New Year with Happy Birthday to You to come up with Happy New You. The best!

I’ve been overwhelmed by life and lately the blog has been a casualty — long blog breaks just mean there is too much to talk about and then I get overwhelmed with trying to prioritize what is the most important to write about, which all goes back to the importance of taking LIFE and journaling one day at a time. For instance, I failed to post how much I loved NCTE because I had failed to post how much I liked the Lesley University Literacy Conference in Providence and because of that I neglected Thanksgiving, the new puppy, and then all the work Allan Wolf and I did staging More than Friends and how much we appreciated Mia’s direction and Ginger’s hospitality and before I knew it it was Christmas and we were running around delivering presents and then oh yeah, there was the trip to DC and visiting Kelly and Co. and Scott Holbrook’s wedding and Aunt Sophie broke her hip but now she is doing great and Debbie gave me a couple of water color classes (see above) and how could I write about one of those things without writing about them all and who had time for that in the month of December?

Luckily, it is finally January. The driveway is frozen, at least for the time being. Frost is languishing in the corners of the windows and with 2009 barely 10 hours old, nothing is overdue. Finally a new year, I mean a New You. My first New You act will be to clean my office. The second will be to not neglect my blog.

4 responses to “Happy New You! 2009”

  1. Eva says:

    Welcome back – I have missed you! And ‘Happy New You’ to you too… don´t we all need a little bit of that.

  2. Kelly W. says:

    Great blog. Hopefully it is a “Happy New You” for me too this year. Will I finally lose some weight? I hope so! (How’s that for confidence, right?)

    At least Obama is going to be president in 19 days. That’s a GREAT start to a new year if you ask me.

  3. Katie says:

    now I have happy new you singing in my brain to the tune of happy birthday…thanks mom. lol.
    Maybe I will write soon too, what do I write about? I get it totally!

  4. MamaD says:

    Happy New You to you as well. I loved that video, saw it on Kel’s blog. Great watercolor!

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