Heart and Seoul 2 — Korean Folk Village

First the hand off. We are passed from one librarian to the next — from SIS to KIS — from Chris to Kris Feller — at Sunday brunch. Right after that we drive to the Korean Folk Village to be entertained by daredevils on horseback, a tightrope walker (no net for this guy) and dancers with zero respect for gravity.

The folk village is made up of relocated cottages and reproductions completed with meticulous attention to detail. The day is cold but clear and as I stand watching the horsemanship, the sun warms my back. We are definitely not in Cleveland, but the weather is not that different than a sunny February day by the lake.

And the look on Elka’s face says it all as she and her mother Kris huddle in the sun. The look of sheer delight.

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  1. sadsad says:

    Dear sara holbrook i am a big fan i live in oregon and i am 13 years old and have a chronic chin disease which effects my aphysical activities. but you have inspired me to write poetry and express myself evenly. my friends say i write ok poetry but i was hoping you could tell me how my poetry is thank you and please write back i know your busy so anytime is good

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