English Companion Ning

Michael found this and I am pasting it right in here because we are THIS excited about our book club discussion about our new book on the English Companion Ning. If you are teacher and you haven’t seen all the great resources available on this ning go there adn check it out! Developed by Jim Burke and some very dedicated teachers such as my friends Lee Ann Spillane and Gary Anderson, it is the best place to get answers, support and ideas for classroom teachers.

Vocabulary instruction out of the box! Notice how the creator of this video (Michael’s son Frank) shows what the word is and does and also what it does not do.

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  1. Wow, I think Frank just summarized a day at school with our new bell schedule! Fun video! What a great job with the editing and lighting. Michael almost scared me with his face lit from beneath sitting there so stoically. : )Looking forward to the book club!

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