EARCOS 2011 Borneo

If the above photo doesn’t look like an attendee at a teacher’s conference, prepare to expand your vision. EARCOS= East Asian Regional Council of Overseas Schools, and every spring they put on a teacher conference like no other. From snorkeling to blow darts to technological looks into the classrooms of today and the future, directives on how to outgrow old thinking and gender issues, cultural divides while maintaining room for read alouds and (yes) poetry and performance leading to understanding ourselves and our lessons.

Okay, the snorkeling was a side trip we took because we arrived a couple days early for the conference. But imagine a conference in this setting! Think no one would come to the sessions? Think again. The sessions were overflowing with ideas and participants, lively discussion by teachers from international schools. These schools hold themselves to a very high standard without being tied to “the standards.” Here innovation and effective best practices trump scripted lessons. Who benefits? Kids.

Thank you to Dick Krajczar, Bill Oldread, and Elaine Repatacodo for including us and for all their hard work in putting together a spectacular event.

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