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Gonged at Caltex!

Well, I’ve been welcomed to schools, I’ve been introduced with poems and songs and outstanding performances, but this is the first time I have been gonged into a school! Honoring an Indonesian tradition, I was welcomed at the Caltex School in Sumatra by a deep g-o-n-g. After they asked me three questions: Where


Sara in Sumatra 

To Singapore

Leaving Michael waving at the hotel window is hard. He’s heading back home in the morning and I’m on to Indonesia through Singapore. Customs is a breeze getting out of Vietnam, here they x-ray the bags but there is no one looking at the monitors. Oh well.
Reading the International

Reuinification Palace 

later that same day

In Vietnam, they call it “the American War.” Tonight 1300 teachers, mostly American, Canadian, British and Australian ex-pats came together for a reception at the Reunification Palace. This building is next door to the former US Embassy, the bunker atop which sat the infamous helipad where the last chopper took off in April of

Dragon dancers opening conference 

don’t laugh at me

Peter Yarrow leads off the conference talking about his recent visit to a home for children disabled by Agent Orange. He sings the songs that helped to rally a nation of protesters to say to the commercial war machine, “stop it,” and to finally be heard. A demarcation line winds through the audience

Motorbikes in Ho Chi Minh – notice the little girl in front bike on left – we saw families of 4 on these things. 

A Lexus and a women on bicycle in Ho Chi Minh 

Coming in for a landing

“You are missing a lot of great stuff out there.” Michael to me as we taxied across the airport grounds of Ho Chi Minh airport, me with my head resolutely stuck in my book. Concrete, bunker type hangers lined up are not big enough for commercial jets, presumably for fighter jets. Rows