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Hilliard Memorial Middle School

Betrayal, love triangles, friendship gone bad and one poem that began, “if the world were made of sugar.” Students at Hilliard Memorial are invited to make it, shake and let it all out at a monthly open mike (see picture below). It is a come as you really are event hosted by librarian

Hilliard Memorial Middle School Lunchtime Open Mikers 

Maureen, Redbank Valley High School, New Bethlehem 

Redbank Valley High School

This was a day of firsts —I was the first author ever invited to Redbank (thank you very much)and another first, which is somewhat embarrassing. There was a very cool display created by a student, Maureen, in the library. A weeping willow tree with portions of a poem dribbling down with the falling

Benny explains to Danny, “you are a big brother now.” To which Danny replies, “You mean we’re taking this home?” 

Hilliard Weaver Middle School

Am I seeing spots?Whoa. Am I seeing spots!
The stage at Weaver Middle was banked by hula hoop sized yellow and black spots, the teacher’s lunchroom, more yellow and black — even the teachers were dressed in yellow and black. Now, where do you think they got an idea like that?????
Beyond the


The old saying is that Anonymous was a woman. In these instances, Anonymous is a teacher. Here are some comments I have heard from anonymous teachers over the last few months:
1. “I used to buy into the philosophy that schools should be patterned after business, that we didn’t know what we were

Hilliard Heritage Middle School

Poetic Karaoke?
Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Here’s the plan: Kids had to find a song and print out the lyrics so that they could develop a good understanding of the rhythm of the language. Kids then wrote a poem to the rhythm of the song and created a power point presentation with

What does poetry do, really?

That was a question from a third grader at Edgewood Elementary today. I responded that I think that poetry brings folks together. I’m open for other responses if anyone reading this has a better one.
The fourth grade hallway at Edgewood was covered in red paper painted to look like brick. The

Clinton-Massie Middle School

Okay, how cool is this? I walked into the school and looked down and realized I was walking on poems written by CMMS kids and published in sidewalk chalk all over the place. One that sticks in my mind was an angry poem that involved finger pinching of a sister and some other